President-elect Obama Again Pledges to Reject Torture and Close Guantanamo Prison Camp

On November 16, 2008, Barack Obama in his first “60 Minutes” interview as President-elect affirmed his intentions to reject torture and put an end to the Guantánamo prison camp and its military commission system which have been a stain on America’s name and reputation at home and abroad.

Using language strikingly similar to the words used to describe the horrors of Guantánamo Bay in an ACLU full-page ad which ran the week before, President-elect Obama publicly confirmed his promise for the first time since his election. Watch the 60 minutes interview


This can be a powerful first step on the long road to a full restoration of our fundamental freedoms. The American people are watching and President Obama must keep his promise or immediately lose credibiliy from day one.

Naysayers are already hard at work trying to snuff out any hopes for immediate action with their “Go Slow” warnings. They want us to believe that our greatest aspirations for American freedom are “impractical,” “too difficult,” or “better left for another day.”


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