Obama's Promises About Energy & Environment
Promise Honored Remove brush, small trees and vegetation that fuel wildfires (Comments)
"Will place a high priority on implementing cooperative projects to remove brush, small trees and other overgrown vegetation that serve as fuel for wildfires. Barack Obama will focus the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management's efforts on working with local communities on hazardous fuels projects to make communities safer and forests healthier." — Obama-Biden: Committed to Wildfire Management & CommunityPromise Honored Weatherize one million low-income homes each year (Comments)
"Will make a national commitment to weatherize at least 1 million low-income homes each year for the next decade, which can reduce energy usage across the economy and help moderate energy prices for all." — Obama's Blueprint for Change Promise Honored Invest in research in every form of alternative energy (Comments)
"We'll invest in research in every form of alternative energy - solar, wind, biofuels." — "Blueprint for Change Energy Video"Promise in the Works Modernize nation's electricity grid using "smart grid" practices (Comments)
"Will establish a Grid Modernization Commission to facilitate adoption of Smart Grid practices across the nation's electricity grid to the point of general adoption and ongoing market support in the U.S. electric sector." — "New Energy for America"Promise in the Works Work with United Nations on Climate Change (Comments)
"Will re-engage with the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) – the main international forum dedicated to addressing the climate problem … will also create a Global Energy Forum of the world's largest emitters to focus exclusively on global energy and environmental issues." — Obama's Blueprint for ChangePromise in the Works Increase fuel economy standards (Comments)
"Will increase fuel economy standards 4 percent per year while providing support to domestic automakers to invest $50 billion to retool their manufacturing facilities in America to produce these vehicles." — Obama's Blueprint for ChangePromise in the Works Require more energy-efficient appliances (Comments)
"The current Department of Energy has missed 34 deadlines for setting updated appliance efficiency standards, which has cost American consumers millions of dollars in unrealized energy savings. Barack Obama and Joe Biden will overhaul this process for appliances and provide more resources to his Department of Energy so it implements regular updates for efficiency standards. They will also work with Congress to ensure that it continues to play a key role in improving our national efficiency codes." — New Energy for America

End American dependence on foreign oil in ten years (Comments)
"And that's why if I am president, I will put the full resources of the federal government and the full energy of the private sector behind a single, overarching goal — in ten years, we will eliminate the need for oil from the entire Middle East and Venezuela." — 8/6/08, Elkhart, Ind.

Increase number of plug-in hybrid cars (Comments)
"First, we'll commit ourselves to getting one million 150 mile-per-gallon plug-in hybrid cars on our roads within six years." — 8/6/08, Elkhart, Ind.

Double renewable energy within four years (Comments)
"Second, we'll double the amount of energy that comes from renewable sources by the end of my first term." — 8/6/08, Elkhart, Ind.

Reduce electricity demand by 15 percent in ten years (Comments)
"Third, I will call on businesses, government, and the American people to meet the goal of reducing our demand for electricity by 15 percent by the end of the next decade." — 8/6/08, Elkhart, Ind.

Curb global warming (Comments)
"As president, I will set a hard cap on all carbon emissions at a level that scientists say is necessary to curb global warming — an 80 percent reduction by 2050." — 10/8/07, Portsmouth, N.H.

Require government vehicles to have flexible-fuel tanks (Comments)
"When I'm president, I will make sure that every vehicle purchased by the federal government does [have a flexible-fuel tank]." — 5/7/07, Detroit

Give annual energy speech (Comments)
"I will report to the American people every year on the state of our energy future." — 10/8/07, Portsmouth, N.H.

Sign law to phase out incandescent light bulbs (Comments)
"I will immediately sign a law that begins to phase out all incandescent light bulbs." — 10/8/07, Portsmouth, N.H.

Create new green-collar jobs (Comments)
"My energy plan will put $150 billion over 10 years into establishing a green energy sector that will create up to 5 million new jobs over the next two decades, including jobs right here in Ohio that pay well and can't be outsourced. We'll also provide funding to help manufacturers convert to green technology and help workers learn the skills they need for these jobs." — 2/24/08, Lorain, Ohio

Consider Al Gore for Cabinet-level climate change position (Comments)
"Not only will I, but I will make a commitment that Al Gore will be at the table and play a central part in us figuring out how we solve this problem." — 4/2/08, Philadelphia

Take steps to lower oil prices (Comments)
"We'll also take steps to reduce the price of oil and increase transparency in how prices are set so we can ensure that energy companies aren't bending the rules." — 4/25/08, Indianapolis

Work to solve the energy crisis (Comments)
"As president, I'll work to solve this energy crisis once and for all." — 4/25/08, Indianapolis

Help U.S. automakers to retool and adapt (Comments)
"I'll be a president who finally keeps the promise that's made year after year after year by providing domestic automakers with the funding they need to retool their factories and make fuel-efficient and alternative fuel cars." — 5/14/08, Warren, Mich.

Foster international relationships to share technology and protect the environment (Comments)
"We'll establish a program for the Department of Energy and our laboratories to share technology with countries across the region." — 5/23/08, Miami

Reduce oil consumption (Comments)
"Obama will reduce oil consumption overall by at least 35 percent, or 10 million barrels of oil, by 2030." — Obama's Blueprint for Change

Help manufacturers go green (Comments)
"Obama will establish a federal investment program to help manufacturing centers modernize and Americans learn the new skills they need to produce green products." — Obama's Blueprint for Change

Double clean-energy funding (Comments)
"Obama will double science and research funding for clean-energy projects, including those that make use of our biomass, solar and wind resources." — Obama's Blueprint for Change

Create an energy-focused Green Jobs Corps (Comments)
"Obama will also create an energy-focused Green Jobs Corps to connect disconnected and disadvantaged youth with job skills for a high-growth industry." — Obama's Blueprint for Change

Invest $10 billion per year in a clean technologies fund (Comments)
"Obama will create a Clean Technologies Venture Capital Fund to fill a critical gap in U.S. technology development. Obama will invest $10 billion per year into this fund for five years." — Obama's Blueprint for Change

Require 25 percent of electricity to come from renewable resources (Comments)
"Obama will establish a 25 percent federal renewable portfolio standard (RPS) to require that 25 percent of electricity consumed in the U.S. is derived from clean, sustainable energy sources, like solar, wind and geothermal by 2025." — Obama's Blueprint for Change

Increase money for low-carbon coal technologies (Comments)
"Obama will significantly increase the resources devoted to the commercialization and deployment of low-carbon coal technologies." — Obama's Blueprint for Change

Push cellulosic ethanol (Comments)
"Obama will invest federal resources, including tax incentives, cash prizes and government contracts into developing the most promising technologies with the goal of getting the first 2 billion gallons of cellulosic ethanol into the system by 2013." — Obama's Blueprint for Change

Boost renewable fuel requirements (Comments)
"Obama will require 36 billion gallons of renewable fuels to be included in the fuel supply by 2022 and will increase that to at least 60 billion gallons of advanced biofuels like cellulosic ethanol by 2030." — Obama's Blueprint for Change

Double fuel economy standards (Comments)
"Obama will double fuel economy standards within 18 years." — Obama's Blueprint for Change

Establish a goal of making new buildings carbon neutral (Comments)
"Barack Obama will establish a goal of making all new buildings carbon neutral (that is, producing zero emissions) by 2030." — Obama's Blueprint for Change

Create an energy-efficiency grant program (Comments)
"Obama will create a competitive grant program to award those states and localities that take the first steps to implement new building codes that prioritize energy efficiency." — Obama's Blueprint for Change

Create a Global Energy Forum (Comments)
"Obama will create a Global Energy Forum that includes all G-8 members, plus Brazil, China, India, Mexico and South Africa." — Obama's Blueprint for Change

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