Continue Anti-Drug Efforts Abroad

President Obama has made the following promise:

"When I am president, we will continue the Andean Counter-Drug Program and update it to meet evolving challenges. We will fully support Colombia's fight against the FARC. We'll work with the government to end the reign of terror from right-wing paramilitaries. We will support Colombia's right to strike terrorists who seek safe haven across its borders." — 5/23/08, Miami

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Updated: January 12, 2009

Summit With Calderon

In a meeting with Mexican President Felipe Calderon, Obama praised Mexico's crackdown on the drug trade, promised to stem the flow of weapons south from the U.S., and "pledged to find ways to collaborate more effectively with Mexico to reduce drug-gang violence."

Updated: January 18, 2009

Clinton's Colombia Comments

In response to questions from Sen. Dick Lugar, R-Ind., of the Foreign Relations Committee, Secretary of State nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton reiterated the president's support for efforts domestically and with countries throughout the region — including Cuba — to combat the drug trade.

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