Tracking Barack Obama's Campaign Promises

Promises Honored 175

Promises Broken 63

Promises Hedged 54

Promises Stalled 67

Promises in the Works 147

During his campaign President Barack Obama made more than 500 promises to the American people. This wiki site provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use listing of those promises and allows our members and visitors to keep abreast of the progress made in fulfilling them. Guests are also encouraged to comment on each promise, either positively or negatively, and we welcome your input.

Millions of moderate and left-leaning voters who worked so relentlessly to help Mr. Obama get elected now expect him to fulfill his promises as quickly as possible. To find a specific promise use the Search box at the top right of this page or use the drop-down menu in the menu bar above. Click here to see what we consider to be his 25 key promises.

Washington Post

"I want you to hold me accountable" — Barack Obama

Because of the rapid development of the internet during the last ten years we've seen what has been described as the democratization of scrutiny. It used to be left to the establishment press to keep track of a politician's promises and performance. Today, there are thousands of citizen-journalists all across America who keep track of exactly what each of them says and does. But things aren't always as simple as that.

If a presidential candidate doesn't keep his promises, but the times are good, it's probably not going to really matter. Yet if a presidential candidate keeps his promises, but they don't work, it most certainly will matter. And in the long run, political legacies and reputations will be defined by results — not simply a tally of their promises kept or broken.

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